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    Local heritage
    Bridges, viaducts, fountains, dams or still archeological vestiges, here is that is the local heritage. So many constructions in cities and villages or in their neighborhoods which look of the character to the landscape
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Local heritage in Calvi

Ile de beauté

Office de Tourisme de Calvi 20260 Calvi (Haute Corse)
Phone : 04 95 65 16 67
They say that Corsica is the most mountainous, the greenest, the most varied and the most beautiful region of France.
Anyone talking about Corsica soon has to accept that the use of superlatives is ...

Local heritage in Calvi


Visites guidées - découverte patrimoine & nature Casa di Martinu 20260 Calvi (Haute Corse)
Phone : 06 30 78 94 93
Pour les amateurs d'histoire, d'authenticité et de nature, ou simplement les curieux, nous passionnés par la Corse vous proposons tout au long de l'année des excursions aux quatre coins de l'île, ...

Local heritage in Ajaccio

Guide conférencière

Catherine Lehmann 29 rue du Cardinal Fesch 20000 Ajaccio (Corse du Sud)
Phone : 06 13 23 64 75
Guided tours

Discovery of the Imperial City with its two historical districts: the Corsican quarter and the Genoese district.

The visit of this former Genoese garrison town allows us to ...

Local heritage in Bastia


Association Corse Guides Interprètes Tourisme Rue Casa Bella - Bt B 20200 Bastia (Haute Corse)
Phone : 06 03 32 63 69  - Fax : 04 95 31 64 88
We are a team of professional guides, we are fond of Corsica. With 15 years of experience we guarantee you a highly professional service:
- We share our knowledge of the region through lively ...

Local heritage in Ajaccio

Guides Conférenciers

Cathy 29 rue Fesch 20000 Ajaccio (Corse du Sud)
Phone : 06 13 23 64 75  - Mobile phone : 06 13 23 64 75
Our association Via Corsica Eurotourisme gathers the national guides of Corsica. Covering the whole island we can suggest you some day trip excursions, visits of town or museum and share our culture ...
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